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Automotive interior parts Checking Fixtures

One of the most commonly replaced items on cars is the interior parts. Every time you have to take your car in for service, your technician will check these parts. But what are they checking for? In this blog post, we will go over the different types of Automotive interior parts Checking Fixtures and how to check them properly. From airbag modules to door latches, this post covers it all.

What are the different types of automotive parts checking fixtures?

There are a variety of automotive parts checking fixtures that technicians can use to inspect various interior components. Some welding fixtures, like the Channel-EZ inspection equipment, are designed specifically for inspecting engine and transmission parts. Other fixtures, like the Tilt-A-Way inspection device, are more general purpose tools that can be used to inspect other components in an automobile. Regardless of the specific fixture used, all of them rely on some form of light to illuminate the part being inspected and allow technicians to make accurate measurements.

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