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Inspection welding jig

Inspection welding is the process of joining two pieces of metal while ensuring that the weld line is as perfect as possible. As a result, inspection welding is a critical component of many industrial processes, ranging from automotive manufacturing to aircraft construction. One common issue with inspection welding is the difficulty in ensuring a perfectly smooth weld line. Inspection welding jigs come in handy in this situation. Inspectors can use these jigs to ensure that the weld line is smooth and precise by moving the pieces being welded around (or probing them) during the process. If you want to improve your inspection welding process, contact Gecko Welding Solutions to learn about our latest inspection welding jig options. We can design a welding jig fixture specifically for your needs, without sacrificing quality or performance!

What is an Inspection Welding Jig?

An Inspection welding jig is a device used during weld inspection. The jig allows the inspector to view weld penetration and fusion from various angles. This aids in determining whether the weld has properly formed and whether any repairs or alterations are required.

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How to Use an Inspection Welding Jig

An inspection welding jig is a device that makes it easier to inspect and repair welds. It is made up of a holder for the inspection pieces, a movable electrode assembly, and a control system. An oscilloscope or other electronic measuring equipment is used to detect defects as the jig is moved around the weld area. Automotive exterior parts welding jig is another term for it.

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