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Auto Center Console Door checking fixture

The auto center console door checking fixture is used to check the door or partition alignment between the front and rear doors of a vehicle. It is mounted on the inside near the hinge line on each side of the door. The fixture has two light bars that are aimed at the inner door surface. When the front or rear door is opened, the light bars will reflect off of the mirror finish on the inside of the door and send a signal to the checker. If there is an incorrect alignment, then a red light will blink and a warning buzzer will sound.

What is a checking fixture?

What is a checking fixture?

checking fixtures is a type of safety device found on the door of an auto center console. When the door is opened, the fixture checks to make sure that the seat belt is properly fastened. If it isn't, the system will alert the driver and indicate how to fix the issue.

Benefits of using a checking fixture include increased safety for drivers and passengers, as well as decreased reliance on human monitoring. Checking fixtures have become standard on most commercial vehicles, so if you're ever in an accident and are questioning why your car had one, chances are good it did.

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