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automotive checking fixture standard

There are many different types of automotive checking fixtures, each with their own specific purpose. In order to ensure that your checking fixture meets the required standards, it is important to know what these standards are. This blog post will provide an overview of the automotive checking fixture standard, as well as some tips on how to ensure that your fixture meets this standard.

What is an Automotive Checking Fixture?

An automotive checking fixture such as weld fixture is a specialized tool that is used to verify the accuracy of a car part during the manufacturing process. This type of fixture is typically used in conjunction with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Checking fixtures are usually custom-built to match the specific dimensions of the car part being tested.

The main purpose of an automotive checking fixture is to ensure that each car part meets the engineering specifications. This helps to ensure that the final product is safe and fit for use. Automotive checking fixtures can be used to test a variety of parts, including engine blocks, transmissions, and suspension components.

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