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Automotive defroster checking fixture

One of the most important parts of any car is its defroster. Without it, we would be dealing with a whole lot of ice buildup on our windshield – and that wouldn’t be good for anyone. Fortunately, the defroster is usually easy to check – just turn it on and see if it’s working. However, there are times when the defroster may not be working properly – and that’s where checking fixtures come in. A checked-fixture defroster will ensure that your car’s defroster is always working properly. By checking it regularly, you can prevent major problems from developing down the line. Check out our blog post for more information on automotive defroster checking fixture.

What is a automotive defroster checking fixture?

A automotive defroster checking fixture is a kind of automotive checking fixture device used to check the effectiveness of an automotive air-conditioning or heat-recovery system. The fixture consists of a metal blade that slides across the surface of the car, and a sensor that tracks the temperature differential between the blade and the car. If the temperature differential is too large, it means that the system is not effective; in this case, it should be replaced.

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