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Automotive glove checking fixture

The practice of testing automotive gloves contributes to ensuring the security of drivers and passengers. Correct execution of this process is crucial for the health and safety of everyone involved in the automobile sector. When gloves are removed, sensors are utilized to detect it, and if the gloves are not returned to the checker in a predetermined amount of time, an alert will go out. This contributes to the comfort and safety of both drivers and passengers on the road. It's crucial to have the proper tools in order to do glove checking accurately and effectively. Learn more about installing a glove checking fixture in your facility by reading our blog post right now.

Description of the Automotive Glove Checking Fixture

The automotive glove checking fixture looks to see if the driver's hands are covered in gloves. A warning light will come on and the driver will be informed if gloves are not detected. A sensor installed in the fixture can determine whether latex or nitrile gloves are present.

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