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checking fixture que es

Fixture que es is Spanish for “what is a fixture?”. This is a handy little phrase you can use to quickly identify the object or object class that you are looking for when searching for documentation or references in a given system. For example, if you are looking for information about an HVAC system, you might type in “checking fixture que es HVAC” into your browser to get a list of results. You can then explore each result to see what documents and references are associated with that type of fixture. This is useful if you want to find specific documentation on how a certain HVAC system works, or if you need to search for information about a particular type of fixture (like air conditioning units).

What is a Check Fixture?

A check fixture is a metal or plastic device used to hold checks in place during the printing process. A check is placed into the fixture and its edge is sharply clipped. This action removes any slack from the auto parts checking fixturee, which allows it to feed correctly through the printer.

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