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cmm checking fixture

A cmm checking fixture is a tool for determining the accuracy of dimensions on a workpiece. The device consists of a base plate with precision gauges and a measuring probe mounted on it. The probe is linked to a computer, which records the data. During the design and manufacturing processes, the cmm checking fixture is used to verify the dimensions of parts. It is also used to verify the precision of machined parts. The device is capable of measuring linear, angular, and radial dimensions.

What is a cmm checking fixture?

A cmm checking fixture is a tool for measuring the dimensions of manufactured parts. It is commonly used in quality control to ensure that parts conform to design specifications. The fixture is made up of a base plate with precision-machined datums against which the part is placed. A coordinate measuring machine is then used to measure the part (CMM).

The main advantage of using a cmm checking fixture over other methods of measurement, such as calipers or micrometers, is that it can take three-dimensional measurements. This inspection by CMM checking fixture enables more precise measurements of complex shapes. Furthermore, by reducing the need for multiple measurements, the use of a cmm checking fixture can help to speed up the inspection process.

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