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Dash panel checking fixture

Any contemporary car must have dash panels. We wouldn't be able to view our surroundings while driving without them. Dash panels are necessary, however they can occasionally malfunction and fail. You must regularly examine your dash panel to make sure it is functioning properly. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to accomplish this without having to have your car serviced or replaced. Using this method, you may inspect your own dash panel checking fixture. By following these instructions, you can make sure that your dash panel is operating properly and prevent future expensive repairs.

What is a dash panel checking fixture?

A dash panel checking fixture is a device used to inspect the condition of a dashboard or console surface. The fixture uses a light and camera system to detect any damage or irregularities on the surface. Any issues are then reported to the driver through a display screen.

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How do I install a dash panel checking fixture?

Keep your car's dashboard tidy and organized by installing a dash panel checking fixture. This kind of device fastens to the windscreen of the vehicle and inspects the dashboard for issues like water dripping into the screen. The fixture will inform you if there are any issues.

Find an appropriate mounting place for the dash panel glass checking fixture on your car's windscreen before you begin installation. Next, use screws or suction cups to secure the fixture to the vehicle. Finally, attach the fixture to the power source in your car and turn it on.

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