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ford checking fixture standards

Ford has been in the automotive manufacturing business for over a century, which means they have had to adhere to a number of standards. The Ford checking fixture standard is one such standard that will be discussed in this article. Ford's checking fixture standard is a system that the company uses to inspect parts for quality and defects. You can ensure that your parts meet Ford's high standards before they are shipped to be installed in Ford vehicles by understanding the standard. 

What Ford Checking Fixtures Standards Are

To ensure the highest quality and accuracy of Ford check engine light readings, Ford automotive checking fixture standard is extremely strict. In order to maintain accuracy, Ford requires that all check engine light fixtures be calibrated and tested on a regular basis.

Furthermore, each Ford check engine light must have a distinct code number that can be traced back to the specific part or assembly that caused the problem. Technicians require access to these coded information plates in order to properly diagnose and repair a Ford's check engine light issue.

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