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Laser welding fixture

The use of heat and pressure to join two or more pieces of metal together is known as welding. Arc welding is the most prevalent type of welding because it uses an electric arc to generate the necessary heat to join the metals. A more recent form of welding known as laser welding makes use of a laser to generate the heat necessary to join two metals. Laser welding can weld thinner materials and is more precise than arc welding. During the laser welding process, a fixture called a laser welding fixture holds the materials to be welded in place. Materials like quartz or ceramic, which can withstand high temperatures, are used to make laser welding fixtures. Please continue reading if you are interested in learning more about laser welding fixtures!

What is laser welding?

The process of joining two metal pieces together with a laser is known as laser welding. Similar to welding fixture design, the heat generated by the laser melts the metal and joins the two pieces. Laser welding is a method that can join delicate or small parts with great precision.

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Types of laser welders

The welding fixture design service related laser welders fall into two categories: Nd and CO2:YAG.CO2 laser welders are the most famous sort of laser welder available. They melt the material being welded by producing heat with an invisible infrared light. Nd: The visible light used by YAG laser welders is absorbed by metals, causing high-energy sparks that melt and fuse the metals.

Applications of laser welding

The process of welding with a laser is non-contact and uses a laser to make the weld. With its high energy density and low heat input, the laser beam can be used to make deep, narrow welds. This interaction is frequently utilized for joining unique materials, like treated steel and aluminum.

The manufacturing of medical devices, aerospace, electronics, and automotive checking fixture are just a few of the many applications for laser welding. Welding fuel tanks and exhaust systems for automobiles are examples. Welding airplane fuselages and spacecraft components are two examples of aerospace applications. Welding circuit boards and electronic assemblies are examples of electronic applications. Welding pacemakers and artificial joints are two examples of applications for medical devices.

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